Donna's flair for design and understanding of color has many friends and acquaintances clamoring for her talent and assistance in design.


As a longtime resident of Cape Cod, she has breathed the ocean's salty air, sailed its waters, and witnessed indescribable sunsets.


She draws elements from these experiences and combines them with her knowledge and ability of interior design and color, to create each “one of a kind” piece of art.


These pieces express the natural beauty and serenity of seaside life. Choose one and take a piece of this life home with you.

Donna also enjoys crafting and welcomes custom orders.  

Linda has lived by the ocean for most of her life, She is naturally attracted to the beach, shells, sea glass, sand, and seascapes. After many enjoyable years as an elementary school teacher, in her retirement, she finds joy and relaxation in creating things that inspire her from the beach and ocean. Linda loves to put inspirational words on her pieces with paint or hand-written in the sand. Linda prides herself in creating each piece individually; thus no two are the same. She enjoys working with vintage frames and windows that she has found at flea markets and antique shops. She also likes to search for different sized lanterns, unique mirrors and cabinets to work with. Linda welcomes special orders too.